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The Medical Alert Wallets, Medical Information Card is a must for anyone who has any medical conditions, take medicines and/or allergic to anything, especially to a medicine.

Medical Alert Wallets has 2 sizes of Medical Information Cards

  • Credit Card size 3 3/8" wide by 2 1/8" high  price $0.24 each
  • Neck Wallet size 3 1/2" wide by 3 3/4" high  price $0.39 each

Medical Alert Wallets, Medical Information Card, front and back of the Credit Card size              Medical Alert Wallets Large Neck Wallet size Medical Information Card front and back

Credit Card size Medical Information Card              Neck Wallet size Medical Information Card

Charities, Business' and Groups please Contact Us for price and availability. 

It is Very important for you, your loved ones and any one you know with health problem at least have a Medical Information Card on them, next to your identification.

The Medical Information ID Card has spaces for your name, your emergency contact names and phone numbers, your doctors name and number. Most important is the areas for medical conditions, allergies and reactions, then a place to list all your medicines and dosage. We suggest you list your medicines in pencil as your conditions improve and your medication change.

Each 'Medical Alert Wallet' includes a Medical Information Card. We usually send 3 in each wallet.

Even if you are not buying a wallet right now at least get yourself a Medical Information Card at no charge by sending us a self addressed stamped envelope, to our address;

Medical Alert Wallets
PO Box 25,  Hermosa Beach, CA. 90254

 Medical Alert Wallets puts 2 Medical Information Cards in each self addressed stamped envelope, unless you request different, you can get up to 4 in one envelope. Plus we put a flyer of our wallets in your self addressed envelope too.

"Get a Safe and Secure feeling with a Medical Wallet on you"


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