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Open Top Neck Wallet, Neck Wallet 2 zippers, Neck Wallet 1 Top Zipper & Nylon Bi-fold Neck Wallet

All Medical Alert Wallets, Neck Wallets have a medical symbol on the outside. Your choice of colors and style. The 'open top nylon neck wallet w/ 1 gusset zipper pocket', 'nylon neck wallet w/ 2 zippered pockets', 'the nylon neck wallet 1 top zipper' and 'the nylon bi-fold neck wallet'. Easily take your medical information and take your daily medical supplies with you. Click on a picture or a word link for more info and/or buy.

  Medical Alert Wallets, Open Top Neck Wallet, 4 color combinations

Open Top Neck Wallet with 1 zippered gusset pocket below a clear pocket on one side, perfect for the large Medical Information Card, you fill out. Price: $6.45  more info>>


   Medical Alert Wallets, Neck Wallet with 2 zippers, all 3 colors shown

Nylon Neck Wallets with 2 zippers. There is a clear pocket on the outside, perfect for the large Medical Information Card, you to fill out.  Price $5.95                   more info>>>


Medical Alert Wallets, Medical Neck Wallet 1 zipper at top, 5 colors shown

Neck Wallet 1 top zipper , on one side is a clear vinyl pocket, perfect for the large Medical Information Card, you to fill out. Price $8.15   more info>>>>


Medical Alert Wallets, Bi-fold Neck Wallets

Bi-fold Neck Medical Wallet  , has a clear window on the outside, perfect for the Medical Information CardPrice: $8.95       more info >>>

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