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Large & Wide Neck Wallet, comes in 5 colors

Medical Alert Wallets, Neck Wallet 1 top zipper, 5 colors shownThe Medical Alert Wallets,  Medical Neck Wallets are tall with one zipper at top and has a Medical symbol silk screened on one side. 

This Medical Neck Wallet with 1 zipper at top has a 35" adjustable cord with a one touch button lock. The one large zippered pouch is approx. 6 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide perfect for medicines and supplies you need on your daily routine.

On the opposite side is a large clear ID window, perfect for the large Medical Information Card, you fill out with your current medical info.

Size 6 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" wide.

Price $8.15

Please choose color;                            

5 colors; Black, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue & Teal

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A must for any person with any medical conditions, take medications and/or allergic to something, especially to drugs. You will have a Medical symbol and a your medical information on the Medical Information Card which you filled out with your current medical conditions. 

All Medical response teams are trained to recognize a Medical symbol. If you were wearing a Medical Neck Wallet and something happened to you and you were down and out the Medical Response Teams will go toward your chest, for various reasons, air, heart, etc. Then they will see the Medical symbol and the Medical Information Card on the outside of your Medical Neck Wallet. Now they have your medical information to help get you the correct aid right there on the spot, if possible.

Perfect for people in Rehab, Physical Therapy, exercising at home, the gym or any where you go.

"Fee Safe and Secure with Medical Wallets"


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