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To Feel Safe and Secure

Medical Alert Wallets varietyThe main reason to have Medical Alert Wallets on you is if you have any medical conditions, take medicines and/or if you are allergic to anything, especially to a medicine or certain foods. Then you should have a medical symbol on you somewhere and what a better place then on your wallet with the Medical Information Card that you have filled out with your current health information.

We hope anyone wearing Medical Alert Wallets on them will not need medical assistance, but if something does happen to someone, the Medical Alert Wallet and the Medical Information Card can help all Medical Response Teams diagnose your problem and get you the correct help right there, on the spot, if possible. 

In case of an emergency, a Medical Responder will need to get your name and address for paperwork and other safety reasons. When you get out your Medical Alert Wallet they will see the Medical symbol indicating that you have special needs or medical conditions. If your unconscious, they will still need your information, this is when they will see the Medical symbol, alerting them you have special needs. Then with the information you have printed on  your Medical Information Card, which can help them diagnose your problem and get you the correct help started immediately, on the spot (if possible) resulting in saving time, money and resources.

Some people wear medical jewelry, which is OK and also important, but can be missed by the First Responders, who simply overlooked it and went for your ID if you were unconscious. Thus making Medical Alert Wallets important for everyone to have.

Medical Alert Wallets are also great for people who don't like or can't wear medical bracelets, ID tags, jewelry or necklaces. Without 'Medical Alert Wallets' these people would not wear any warning at all. Medical Alert Wallets is a way for you to have a Medical symbol on you, along with the Medical Information Card, that you fill out with your emergency contacts, your current medical conditions, medications, allergies and more.


Even if you already wear a medical bracelet, ID tag, jewelry or necklace, Medical Alert Wallets gives you an extra feeling of Safety and Security knowing your Medical Alert Wallet can help the paramedics, EMT's and first responders, help you.

Now there is a way for everyone to be prepared with a Medical Alert Wallet on them and the Medical Information Card that you will fill out. All Medical Alert Wallets and Medical Information Cards are for all ages. This is important for you and all your loved ones or even just someone you know..

"Feel Safe and Secure with Medical Alert Wallets"


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