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Ext ID Tri-fold, Tri-fold gold symbol, Tri-fold natural symbol

All Medical Alert Wallets, 'Leather Tri-fold Wallets' have a medical symbol on the outside. Some medical symbols are Gold colored hot stamped, some are natural debossed and some are both, debossed and gold colored. Click on a picture or text link to see more information.
 Medical Alert Walelts, Exterior ID Tri-fold Medical wallet  Exterior ID Tri-fold wallet price; $14.65 >>more info

Medical Alert Wallets,Tri-fold Medical wallet with gold color debossed symbol

Medicdal Alert Wallets, Tri-fold Medical wallet inside look, black color shown

Tri-fold medical wallet price; $15.95 >more info

Medical Alert Wallets, Tri-fold Medical wallet with natural debossed symbol

Tri-fold Medical Wallet with natural symbol price; $15.95 >more info    

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